Hosted Tab for SA-MP

Welcome to, we are a third party provider of game server listings for SA-MP. These listings appear on separate list in SA-MP client, increasing exposure of the server to potential players. Listings are active for 31 days. They do not auto-renew, and renewals must be placed AT LEAST 24 hours prior to expiry in order to avoid loss of service.

NOTE: Upon completetion of payment orders are typically fulfilled and put on the hosted list within 1-12 hours, however in some circumstances this may take up to 24 hours.
Please ensure you have a working, stable and remotely accessible server prior to ordering a hosted tab listing. We cannot assist in the upkeep of your server whatsoever, we simply provide a listing based on the IP provided that is the full extent of the service. No refund will be provided in any circumstances, including if you find the listing un-usable due to lack of a gameserver.
We are currently accepting new orders, a one month listing is currently: £24 GBP.

By proceeding to payment & pressing the button below you acknowledge that you have read and agreed to the terms of service (available to read here).

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